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Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

Course & Live Coaching

Tired of Stuck Fingers and Passages That Don't Go?

Hi, I'm Lars. Classical Pianist, Teacher & Composer. I'm here to help you reaching your piano goals faster so you can enjoy playing better!

Lars Nelissen in Paris Café La palette

I was there where you are now: this one realisation changed everything!

As you can read in my about me page, I started to play the piano relatively late as teenager. Still I was able to make such a fast progress in less then four years to enter the conservatory as a professional piano student. 

I don't want to brag about my fast progress that I did as a beginner to a professional piano student. My point is to light up the fact that with the right method it is possible to make huge steps in your piano playing. And for as far I know, if I did it I know you can do it too!

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't — you're right." - Henry Ford
Stop limiting beliefs! Too much emphasize is often laid on "talent", a concept that nobody truly understands. Defining the meaning of talent is very dangerous and might result into "surrendering before the yield" when progress seems slow, suggesting a missing talent rather than a flawed method and no strategy. 

So what to do? Don't act in the dark and see what others did who already have walked the path. Look into a well structured system that can bring you where you want to be.

How This Method changed the game. "Piano playing" is a game right?

My very first teacher told me exactly opposite of what I'll teach you to do. Result was my first (and luckily also last) hand injury. Practicing I did! But playing the wrong way caused tensions that can be easily avoided.  

Keep in mind: piano playing can feel as pleasant as kneading a clay figure or it might just as well break your fingers.

Very soon, like in a year or so, I changed from teacher who had a very different approach to piano technique. And in no-time my technique and playing started to open up and really grow into something. I learned how the fingers actually work and about the important role of arm movements in playing.

And guess – everyone praised my talent, but I knew it was method and diligent work. I made a practical quantum leap in my piano level and played difficult repertoire in the following two years. I started to be ready for doing entrance examination for the conservatory.

A method in which master pianists were taught

When studying at the conservatory under Professor Avi Schönfeld, I deepened out this approach to piano technique. This very method in which my teacher was taught in Paris by Arthur Rubinstein and Yvonne Lefébure (also Dinu Lipatti's teacher and Alfred Cortot's assistant). With no doubt my personal touch to it to make it well designed for also the beginner.

You don't need to figure it out alone!

Cut through the noise and learn from an expert  – the most frustrating is that there is a lot of noise out there on the internet telling you working like this and working like that, and more often than not, very much contradictory information. The same is true when running from one teacher to another.

And because you aren't sure who is right and who is not, you are still caught in the trap of trial and error practicing. Using a trial and error method and hoping you'll eventually figure it out who gave you the best tip, which is the approach of so many, won't bring you very far. Certainly it will slow down your progress.  It is a long road with many frustrations and uncertainties.

Master pianists often like to keep their "secrets" in the dark – often they shout "I don't use any method!"

Take for example Horowitz, he bragged about not using any method. But is that actually true? As a boy and young man he studied with a few expert teachers who did teach a clear method to him. Only later he gave his own twist to it.

He didn't teach to his own students really technique, but he didn't have to, because his students were selected and already ready concert pianists. Horowitz only put the cherry on top!

I very much so consider myself very lucky that I bumped into an expert teacher early on. An expert who was not just an exceptional pianist himself, but someone who has learned from the great masters themselves. Another luck was that this teacher, Avi Schönfeld, succeeded very well to explain, show and clarify his techniques at the piano.

Not always great piano playing and exceptional teaching go together. But when it does, it can reveal that what otherwise would seem a miracle.

I'm so grateful still every day, because honestly, my piano story could have ended not so well would I have bumped into not the right teacher. I choose to study with Schönfeld because of a strong sense after having met him two times, giving me the strong feeling that I make a good choice studying with him. There needs to be a click between student and teacher.

make Your choice and go for it!

We all were there many times! You want something and you are doing your research to find the best way to get it or get there. And exactly the moment you think you are ready to make your choice and go for it, big doubts are rising up into your mind. And back you are where you were, choiceless ready to pull your own hair in frustration.

But this is how our minds work: the mind doesn't like to change the ways that you are used to. You want it, because it feels exciting and you know it can change your life for the better. But the mind will play the tricks on you and disturb you with new doubts.

Ask yourself: if you look forward to where you want to be a year from now, five years from know, what will it cost you not to take action versus taking the first step in another direction against your all fears?

The only way to get rid of these doubts is to actually start the journey and trust where it it will bring you. And many times the risk of failing is a lesser risk than not doing it at all.

A clear well explained method cutting through the noise. 

A teacher and community that will help you keep on track.

Live Coaching for direct feedback on your progress. Get your questions answered.

The Program will give you...

  • Better fingers and an effective arm technique. 
    You are here because you want to improve on your piano technique. Whether you just want to get better or want completely got stuck doesn't matter. Here you need to start.
  • Expert guidance.
    The course is laid out to step-by-step learn the different aspects that are important for mastering piano technique. 
  • Clarity on where to go from here.
    Nothing is more paralysing then not knowing how and where to start. Following this course will give you certain clarity on where you'll go when implementing all the lessons. This will clean cut right through the noise.

What makes this Method special

Other methods on piano technique focus on merely fingers. This method deals with technique as a whole. The important role of the arm in piano playing is essential in playing the piano and therefore receives a lot of attention in this method.

Both finger- and arm technique are treated and built up from the very essential basis to a more advanced approach. Arms and fingers go hand in hand and are also treated equally important in this course.

All great pianists use arm technique in combination with excellent fingers. Yet few methods teach anything, if anything at all, about arm techniques because it is difficult to teach. This method is a game changer. 

I brought together in this course what I have learned from my teachers, and my experience teaching all levels of students. And I succeeded creating Super Fingers, a complete system of piano technique made very accessible through this course for even the beginner.

Unleash your Super Finger powers now!

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing rapid progress, having a structured complete system at your fingertips, and ultimately playing the piano with the skill and artistry you've always imagined.

I understand how disheartening it can be to put in hours of practice without witnessing significant improvement. But imagine a scenario where every minute you dedicate to the piano yields tangible results.

It's not just about playing the piano; it's about living your musical dreams.

The method laid out in this course is built on years of expertise and experience, ensuring that your progress is not only noticeable but exhilarating.

This is What You'll get:

Super Fingers: Yes, your Super Fingers!

This course is laid out to systematically develop both arm and finger technique to bring your piano playing to a whole new level. I bring the system and you bring the work for magic to happen right now!

As the exercises of the book Super Fingers lay at the heart of this video course, yet we go far beyond. Each exercise that is in the book, is well explained and demonstrated in this video course. And besides this, new exercises will be introduced.

Live coaching sessions via Zoom make sure you don't loose track and never get stuck!

  1. 1
    Super Fingers the Course: it's a video course with clear demonstration videos clarifying how to practice each exercise and every technique.
  2. 2
    Achieve fast and independent fingers that you fully can control by learning the most effective way to get excellent fingers at the piano. 
  3. 3
    Learn to develop a beautiful piano sound and equal passage work when you play the pieces that you love. Learning a good arm technique you'll not just play faster better, but you'll sound better at the piano.
Super Fingers
Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

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What People Are Saying About my method

jelle komhoff

“Lars has a lot of structure in his lessons.”

"I learned with Lars how to solve technical problems by creating my own exercises in difficult places. I had more of a Jazz background before I came to Lars. Through the classical music that I studied with him, I also became better at my rhythm and improvisation.

Lars is really an excellent pianist and also a very good teacher."

Jelle K.

“the lessons go into great depth..."

“Due to Lars' method of arm and finger technique, my piano play has improved a lot. After playing a piece of music, Lars gives feedback and explains how to make specific parts sound better. With his feedback, the lessons go into great depth and give me a lot of joy in playing the piano."

Yvette V.
Bas Peters

“I couldn't get any further until I found Lars"

“I started learning to play the piano with a well-known piano learning app. I couldn't get any further and found Lars. That's when I really started learning to play the piano!

Lars is a true professional in both music theory and performance."

Bas P.

What Will You Get...

UNIQUE   A Clear Method Plus Exercises For Mastering Finger Technique

UNIQUE   A method & Exercises For Mastering Arm Technique

 CREATIVE  All 57 exercises of the book explained with video examples & more Tips and exercises

 PERFECT  Access to All new courses to enhance your piano studies for as long you are a member

 PERFECT  Live Coaching

 CREATIVE  You Have A Say In What New Courses And Lessons Are Created Inside The Membership

 INCLUDED  You Have a say in what new courses and lessons are created inside the membership

 INCLUDED  PDF Sheet music that comes with the lessons

 INCLUDED  Private Community To Connect With Like-Minded Folks


Unlock now:

Super Fingers

the course & More...

Your Road to Piano Success!

During this program you'll master arm and finger technique to bring your piano playing to a whole different level.

Perfect For Both Beginners & Intermediate Piano Students.


Super Fingers
Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

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Some More Testimonials

man avatar

“It is quite an interesting and fresh look at the old problem"

“It is quite an interesting and fresh look at the old problem. Whatever you think or believe in, there is no escape from humble practicing. I think this book provides ways of building strength and accuracy that I would call this very foundation indeed.

I'm rather a beginner. I will gradually familiarise myself with all the exercises the book has to offer. One by one. I believe it is truly worth it.

Do I recommend the book? Definitely yes!!

Avi Schönfeld

“His creativity gives me the feeling he'll be an excellent teacher"

“Lars has been a student in my piano class at the conservatory for several years. I highly appreciate his musicality, artistic qualities and imagination. His creativity gives me the feeling he'll be an excellent teacher, therefore I recommend him warmly."

Prof. Avi Schönfeld

About Lars Nelissen

Classical pianist and piano teacher for over 25 years...

Lars studied classical piano for seven years with Avi Schönfeld. His teaching taught Lars the piano traditions of masters like Arthur Rubinstein, Yvonne Lefébure, Ilona Vincze-Krausz, and Vlado Perlemuter (all were Schönfeld's teachers).

Lars taught in China, teaches in the Netherlands, and in recent times also on the web.

"As a devoted pianist and teacher, my mission is clear: to empower students to flourish beyond their expectations!

I’m here to ignite your passion and accelerate your progress. Let’s compose your musical success story together, turning your efforts into crescendos of achievement."

Signature Lars Nelissen
Lars Nelissen

Why it is Different from other courses

I designed this course of piano technique for those who wish to learn to play the piano without missing out on the essentials of piano technique. These exercises touch the very heart of piano technique in depth.

Next to the course I offer live coaching. These are Zoom lessons with a group of students together. You can send in video material to share and discuss during the lessons.

In my many years of teaching, I have yet to come across any published method in the form of a book or course that brings together finger technique and arm technique, both essential in piano playing. This course is the first of its kind.

Remember that this program is designed to step-by-step teach you the fundamentals of piano technique. This is different from a masterclass because a masterclass is there to give you a few ideas and inspiration and then you are left by yourself. This is very nice to refresh motivation, but masterclasses aren't the way to systematically learn every step of piano playing.

I felt it my mission to put together a complete method of piano technique available to both beginner and advanced piano players.

Going through the course from start to end and doing all the exercises will certainly improve your piano playing tremendously. 

How much time I need to spend everyday?

Control Your actions

"In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently."

Tony Robbins

Things like your starting level, how much time you spend doing the exercises, make a difference in how fast you'll finish this course. I recommend practicing regularly, meaning at least five times per week for 15 minutes or more to get the best results.

Consistency is part of strategy in piano practice. "Strike the iron when it's hot" works best! When you practice with too many days intervals in between, you'll notice that the fingers need to regain again a lot from last practice session. Of course you'll make results, but slower.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

What is the cost taking this course versus not taking this course? This is certainly a reasonable question, but to give a good answer we must look a little further than just dollars. And these dollars are necessary for me to make it possible giving you the best possible experience.

That you are considering taking a piano course of some sort tells that your piano playing isn't yet how you want it to be. Also we can conclude that you aren't certain about your current strategies and methods that you apply in your piano practice.

Taking this course will change that! After having completed this course you'll have the tools to play the music you love and more close to the way you want to play. Let's look one year from now and compare where you're at when taking the course, and doing the work versus without doing the course?

Most likely your technique won't get much further when not having a crystal clear strategy. And one thing is certain: This course will give you a crystal clear method to improve your piano technique in a remarkable manner.

Joining the program

  • Crystal clear and complete method.
  • Excellent and experienced teacher.
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • A much better control of your fingers at the piano.
  • I good understanding and application of arm movements.
  • Getting feedback on your progress.
  • Ask questions and get tailored answers.
  • Having a like minded community growing with each new student.

Not Joining

  • Keep plucking confusing and fragmented information from the internet.
  • Having no clear method and vision as how to achieve your piano goals.
  • Spending hours on fingers and passages without much results.
  • Having no idea of arm technique.
  • Doing everything by yourself without support and feedback.
  • No Community to interact with people following the same program.
Super Fingers
Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

Here's What You Get:

  • Lifetime Access Video Course Super Fingers Essential plus updates
  • One Year Live Coaching Sessions
  • One Year Access to All New Bonus Material  
  • Lifetime Access Private Piano Fantasy Community

Perfect for both beginners & Intermediate Piano Students

  • Lifetime Access Video Course Valued $ 697
  • One Year Live Coaching Sessions Valued $ 997* 
  • One Year Access to All New Bonus Material Valued $ 297
  • Lifetime Access Private Community Valued Priceless 

Total Value

$ 1991.00

*After one year the live coaching will be charged at $397.00 ($997.00) discounted forever per year. You can cancel prior to each new payment. Option to pay in EUR as well.








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