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Super Fingers Video Course

Essential Piano Technique

This online course contains all the 57 exercises of the book Super Fingers | Essential Piano Technique. Each exercise well and deeply explained and demonstrated exactly how to work on them. We'll  explore why and how each exercise is important and how it will improve your overall piano playing?

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Super Fingers E-Book

Essential Piano Technique

This volume is the first in a series and contains 57 exercises following each other in a plan that helps you develop your piano technique intelligently. This book is the backbone of the video course Super Fingers | Essential Piano Technique. Presented in a beautifully and clearly designed ebook.

Format: PDF with cover fully printable or for tablet use.

Music Score
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For Piano Solo

This original Piano Composition by N.G. Lawrence starts in a mysterious distant atmosphere with a developing melody and palpitating rhythms recurring throughout the piece. Bursts of virtuosity and esoteric episodes follow each other fluently.

Duration: approx. 9 minutes

Format: PDF with cover fully printable or for tablet use.

E-Book Super Fingers Essential Piano Technique Available Now 

NOT JUST A BOOK, but a system of piano technique!
These exercises are created to unleash the super finger powers of any eager learner.

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