Super Fingers

Essential Piano Technique

Your Road to Piano Success!

These exercises teach how to develop both arm and finger technique to bring your piano playing to a whole different level.


Lars Nelissen

Pianist, Teacher & Composer

Proven System



Super Fingers

By Lars Nelissen

Top Features?!

NEW   57 Strategically Designed New Piano Exercises

NEW   Includes Badass Exercises For Arm Technique

 CREATIVE  Includes Badass Exercises for Finger Technique

 CREATIVE  A Unique Approach to Piano Technique

 PERFECT  An In-Depth Explanation of All Exercises

 PERFECT  A Three Phase Strategy to Beat Any Piano Piece You'll Ever Learn

 FREE  All the Minor & Major scales at the end of the book


Yes, Your Super Fingers

Super Fingers Essential Piano Technique is an e-book with 57 exercises designed for mastering the essentials of piano technique. The exercises are for both finger independence and arm technique.

No other method goes into detail about arm technique as this method does. All great pianists use arm techniques in combination with excellent finger independence to achieve great control over the keyboard and piano sound. 

Student reviews


"Due to Lars' method of arm and finger technique, my piano play has improved a lot. He goes into great depth and that gives me a lot of joy in playing the piano.
Amazing teacher!"

Yvette V.

Piano Student

jelle komhoff

"I have learned with Lars how to solve technical problems by creating your own exercises in difficult places. I also became better at my rhythm and improvisation. Lars is really an excellent pianist and also a very good teacher."

Jelle K.

Piano Student 

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"It is quite an interesting and fresh look at the old problem. Whatever you think or believe in, there is no escape from humble practicing. I think this book provides ways of building strength and accuracy that I would call this very foundation indeed.

Do I recommend the book? Definitely yes!!"


Piano Student

Why you need this

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing rapid progress, having a structured system at your fingertips, and ultimately playing the piano with the skill and artistry you've always imagined.

I understand how disheartening it can be to put in hours of practice without witnessing significant improvement. But imagine a scenario where every minute you dedicate to the piano yields tangible results.

Super Fingers is built on years of expertise and experience, ensuring that your progress is not only noticeable but exhilarating.

Worth Every Note...

It's not just about playing the piano; it's about living your musical dreams. Take action now and embark on a journey of musical transformation!

Get your book today and start making results!

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You'll learn:


Unlock Your Piano Potential with My Proven Method combining fingers and arm technique


Effectively develop finger independence with agility and great strength


Develop a system of arm technique used by the great pianists


How to play scales, double notes, tremolos, trills, pedalling, passages with sustained notes, and more


Develop strategies for mastering any musical passage in every aspect of its difficulties

About Lars Nelissen

Classical pianist and piano teacher for over 25 years...

Lars studied classical piano for seven years with Avi Schönfeld. His teaching taught Lars the piano traditions of masters like Arthur Rubinstein, Yvonne Lefébure, Ilona Vincze-Krausz, and Vlado Perlemuter (all were Schönfeld's teachers).

Lars taught in China, teaches in the Netherlands, and in recent times also on the web.

"As a devoted pianist and teacher, my mission is clear: to empower students to flourish beyond their expectations!

I’m here to ignite your passion and accelerate your progress. Let’s compose your musical success story together, turning your efforts into crescendos of achievement."

Signature Lars Nelissen
Lars Nelissen

By Lars Nelissen

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More reviews

“Lars has been a student in my piano class at the conservatory for several years. I highly appreciate his musicality, artistic qualities and imagination. His creativity gives me the feeling he'll be an excellent teacher, therefore I recommend him warmly.”

Avi Schönfeld

Piano Professor & Composer

"I started learning to play the piano with a well-known piano learning app. I couldn't get any further and found Lars. That's when I really started learning to play the piano! Lars is a true professional in both music theory and performance."

Bas P.

Piano Student

Perhaps Some Last Questions:


Will there be a video course?

Yes, there will be a video course in Winter/Spring 2024, and a plan will also include live coaching.

What if I first buy the book and then the course?

If you buy the book first you can get a FULL REFUND for the book if you buy the course within 90 days after the first launch.

How quickly can I expect results?

I have students who finished the book in 12 to 18 months. Remember, results depend on both the method and a good amount of work put in by you. The better you follow my instructions the better the results.

What level I need to be to follow the book?

This book is meant for both beginners and advanced students who wish to learn an excellent way to play the piano. You can work on exercises slowly or in a very fast tempo. It doesn't matter your level; you'll finish the book being a better version pianist.

Will there be a follow up series?

Certainly yes! There will be 4 volumes; "Progressive", "Advanced", and "Transcendental" level follow-up. Many exercises for the 2nd and 3rd books, and even a few for the 4th book, are already created. But first I want to see how my first volume is experienced so I can make a better tailored follow-up. 

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