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Let's embark on the road to your piano success!

Your road to piano success! These exercises teach how to develop both arm and finger technique to bring your piano playing to a whole different level.


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    57 Strategically Designed New Piano Exercises
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    Includes Badass Exercises for Arm Technique
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    Includes Badass Exercises for Finger Technique
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    A Unique Approach to Piano Technique
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    An In-Depth Explanation of All Exercises
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    A Three Phase Strategy to Beat Any Piano Piece You'll Ever Learn
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    All the Minor & Major scales at the end of the book


WHY I WROTE THIS METHOD With Love and Patience

I designed this method of piano technique for those who wish to learn to play the piano without missing out on the essence of piano technique. These exercises touch the very heart of piano technique in depth.

In my many years of teaching, I have yet to come across any published method in the form of a book or even course that brings together finger technique and arm technique, both essential in piano playing.

I felt it my mission to put together a complete method of piano technique available to both beginner and advanced piano players.


YES, YOUR SUPER FINGERS! In Every Step You'll Get Closer

For over seven years, I studied the piano with Professor Avi Schönfeld, a disciple of Arthur Rubinstein, Yvonne Lefébure, Ilona Vincze-Krausz, Vlado Perlemuter, and Nadia Boulanger.

His system of teaching piano technique appears to me unsurpassed. In Super Fingers, I teach my recollection of what I have learned from him and my vision of teaching piano technique.

My years of experience teaching young beginners and advanced players helped me to develop this step-by-step method.

For clarity and from a pedagogical perspective, I teach the essence of where to start improving your piano playing in this first book.


3 THINGS TO GET RIGHT to Make the difference

Setting Goals will boost your desire to learn. If you want to play the piano well, you must have some target in mind where you want to go. You are here means you have a goal, and being part of Piano Fantasy community will help you become more precise on your targets.

The right method will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. Without a method, you’ll get lost and distracted on the way and most likely lose track of your goal. In this book and the course, I’ll be your mentor, guiding you through the forest of information scattered on the internet.

Schedule your practice will ensure you spend enough time making progress at the piano. It won’t come as a surprise that playing the piano requires practice. What helps is to remind yourself of your goals and to be part of a community with people who have similar goals.


Technique serves music it brings control over the keyboard

The technique goes hand in hand with musicianship. Because you can only change what you sound like by changing your piano technique. Imagine your sound and music expression, then find the strategy. Super Fingers is a method that goes deep into piano strategy.

Let’s face it; you can only become a good pianist if you nail your piano technique first. And now that we know we must look piano technique in the face, we’d better do this with a good strategy and methodology at hand.

It feels great to feel your finger power grow each day. Secondly, well-developed fingers and arm technique speed up your learning of any new piece of music you decide to take on.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Albert einstein

Albert Einstein



Unlock Your Piano Potential with My Proven Method!

Are you frustrated with your progress at the piano? Have you been tirelessly practicing without seeing the results you desire? It's time for a change! My revolutionary approach is designed to transform your piano journey and lead you toward mastery.


Experience Real Progress

Imagine the value of accelerated progress. Think about the time you'll save and the satisfaction of achieving your musical goals faster than ever before. What would it be worth to you to see tangible results and confidently showcase your skills finally?


A Method That Works, Every Time

Do you have a system in place that consistently delivers results? This comprehensive method of piano technique, a system used by the most outstanding pianists, provides you with a structured roadmap to success. Say goodbye to aimless practice sessions and hello to a proven methodology that brings out the pianist within you.


Fast-Track Your Musical Journey

What if you could accelerate your progress and achieve your musical goals sooner than you ever thought possible? Imagine the satisfaction of effortlessly playing pieces that once seemed daunting. Investing in your musical education is an investment in yourself. Consider what it's worth to you to finally experience the joy of mastering the piano.


Play Your Way, Your Style

Picture yourself playing the piano exactly the way you've always dreamed—the sense of accomplishment, the rush of excitement, and the pride in your musical abilities. My system not only teaches you piano technique; it empowers you to express your emotions and creativity through music.


Embrace Your Musical Potential

Don't let frustration hold you back any longer. With this proven approach, you can unlock your full piano-playing potential and experience the joy of musical growth. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced player, these are the tools and expertise to guide you toward success.


Supported and Loved Worldwide Real Customers Reviews

“It is quite an interesting and fresh look at the old problem. Whatever you think or believe in, there is no escape from humble practicing. I think this book provides ways of building strength and accuracy that I would call this very foundation indeed.
I’m rather a beginner. I will gradually familiarise myself with all exercises the book has to offer. One by one. I believe it is truly worth it.

Do I recommend the book? Definitely yes!!”

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Imagine the satisfaction of seeing rapid progress, having a structured system at your fingertips, and ultimately playing the piano with the skill and artistry you’ve always imagined.

It’s not just about playing the piano; it’s about living your musical dreams. Take action now and embark on a journey of musical transformation!

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Worth Every Note…

I understand how disheartening it can be to put in hours of practice without witnessing significant improvement. But imagine a scenario where every minute you dedicate to the piano yields tangible results.

Super Fingers is built on years of expertise and experience, ensuring that your progress is not only noticeable but exhilarating.

Get your book today and start making results!

“Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter”

Stephen king



This is included in the Book:

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Piano Technique

The very essence of how to use both your fingers and arms together to effectively develop your piano technique.

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57 Exercises + All Scales

The book contains 57 piano exercises treating many different techniques—all Minor and Major scales. You’ll learn to combine arms and fingers.

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Working Strategy

You’ll learn the 3 phases of practicing when working on technique and also in learning new piano pieces. This will make you more effective.

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the video course will follow soon... so you'll certainly will make this happen.

Supported and Loved Worldwide Real Customers Reviews

Frequently asked questions Perhaps some last questions:

Yes, there will be a video course in Autumn 2023, and a plan will also include live coaching.

If you buy the book first you can get a FULL REFUND for the book if you buy the course within 90 days after the first launch.

I have students who finished the book in 12 to 18 months. Remember, results depend on both the method and a good amount of work put in by you. The better you follow my instructions the better the results.

This book is meant for both beginners and advanced students who wish to learn an excellent way to play the piano. You can work on exercises slowly or in a very fast tempo. It doesn’t matter your level; you’ll finish the book being a better version pianist.

Certainly yes! There will be 4 volumes; “Progressive”, “Advanced”, and “Transcendental” level follow-up. Many exercises for the 2nd and 3rd books, and even a few for the 4th book, are already created. But first I want to see how my first volume is experienced so I can make a better tailored follow-up. 

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