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I'm Lars Nelissen

As a devoted pianist and teacher, my mission is clear: to empower students to flourish beyond their expectations.

My own piano journey started as a teenager. Despite starting the piano later than most, my determination to succeed was unshakable. Defying doubts of those around me, I was determined to enter the piano class of Avi Schönfeld, a Rubinstein protégé. 

I made it in 3 years from level zero to conservatory level pianist. After 7 years study with Schönfeld, I graduated as a classical pianist. Now, I’m here to ignite your passion and accelerate your progress. Read more....

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Piano Courses

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing rapid progress, having a structured system at your fingertips, and ultimately playing the piano with the skill and artistry you've always imagined.

Piano Fantasy offers online Piano Courses & Live Coaching that makes achieving your goals just a step away!

Live Coaching

Sometimes a little extra personal help can make the difference. Lars offers live sessions in which students can ask help and get individual feedback. All Pro Members have access to Live Lessons

Piano Fantasy grows also an online community in where members support each other in their learning journey.

Exercises & Sheet Music

The e-book Super Fingers Essential Piano Technique and some of Lars Nelissen his piano compositions are available in our store.

Join the live webinar:

Beat Your Piano Technique

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Get free piano tips and inspiration by reading my blog and watching my videos. I cover piano technique, repertoire tutorials, and much more.

Hear what they say

Amazing teacher! Due to Lars' method of arm and finger technique, my piano play has improved a lot. He goes into great depth and that gives me a lot of joy in playing the piano.

Yvette V.

Piano Student

I have learned with Lars how to solve technical problems. I also became better at my rhythm and improvisation. Lars is really an excellent pianist and also a very good teacher.

Jelle K.

Piano Student

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