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Let's Make Your Piano Dreams Reality

Let's Make Your Piano Dreams Reality

My name is Lars, a devoted pianist and teacher, and my mission is clear: to empower students to flourish beyond their expectations. My own piano journey ignited as a teenager, infatuated with the instrument’s beauty.

Despite starting later than most, my determination to succeed was unshakable. Defying doubts, I immersed myself under the guidance of Avi Schönfeld, a Rubinstein protégé. In just a couple of years, I embraced his system, which bridged the gap.

After seven intensive years, I graduated as a classical pianist and choir conductor. This foundation and my passion for discovering the world led me across continents, teaching and performing across China, Japan, and Europe.

Now, I’m here to ignite your passion and accelerate your progress. Let’s compose your musical success story together, turning late starts into crescendos of achievement.

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Everything is Connected!

Let's embark on your road of piano success!

Learn to understand music through life’s looking glass and see how life mirrors through music. Piano Fantasy stands for imagination and creativity in learning. Learn how everything connects and unleash your musical superpowers!

Piano Fantasy stands for imagination and creativity in learning. Learn how everything connects and unleash your musical superpowers!

"Due to Lars' method of arm and finger technique, my piano play has improved a lot. He goes into great depth and that gives me a lot of joy in playing the piano. Amazing teacher!"
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Yvette Vosbeek
Advanced Level
"I have learned with Lars how to solve technical problems by creating your own exercises in difficult places. I also became better at my rhythm and improvisation. Lars is really an excellent pianist and also a very good teacher."
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Jelle Kömhoff
Student Music Therapy
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Lars nelissen at the piano playing
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Get free piano tips and inspiration by reading my blog and watching my videos. I cover piano technique, repertoire tutorials, and much more.

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