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Learn to understand music through life's looking glass and see how life mirrors through music. Piano Fantasy stands for imagination and creativity in learning. Learn how everything connects and unleash your musical superpowers!

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Piano learning Lars Nelissen van Gasselt Piano Fantasy

As a young teenager, I started to learn the piano and fell in love with this instrument. Although I was a late starter, I wanted to play professionally. So many told me I better give up because I wouldn't be able to do it. So I worked very hard and became a student of Rubinstein's pupil Avi Schönfeld at the conservatory. I played the piano just for about four years before I started my professional piano studies. So I needed a system to catch up in my lost years. I found the very best teacher, Avi Schönfeld, a genius in understanding piano playing, and he gave me that system that I needed so much. Here I am to share with you...

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Praise and Testimonials

Due to Lars' method on arm and finger technique, my piano play has improved a lot. After playing a piece of music, Lars gives feedback and explains how to make specific parts sound better. With his feedback, the lessons go into great depth and give me a lot of joy in playing the piano.

 Amazing teacher!

Yvette Vosbeek Teacher

I’m over 40 years old and started learning to play the piano with a well-known piano learning app. I couldn't get any further and found Lars. That's when I really started learning to play the piano! Lars is a true professional in both music theory and performance. With his calm attitude and patience he knows how to help me very well to play the piano much better. And in a fun way!

I absolutely recommend Lars as your piano teacher!

Bas Peters Director X-com

I have learned with Lars how to solve technical problems by creating your own exercises of difficult places. I had more of a Jazz background before I came to Lars. Through the classical music that I studied with him, I also became better in my rhythm and improvisation. Lars is really an excellent pianist and also a very good teacher.

Jelle Kömhoff  Student Music Therapy


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