Learn To Play Piano Scales Very FAST And BRILLANT

Learning Piano Scales, Scale Technique Is An Essential Part Of Piano Technique

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Blazing Fast Scale Piano technique

Here is how you practice on piano scales...

Learn how to play piano scales fast and brilliant. In this video I show you how to create SPEED and CLARITY in piano scales? There are two elements that play a vital role in fast and clear piano scales.

FIRST is the articulation of the fingers. In this video, I explain and show you how to work on finger dexterity that works for any fast piano passages. SECOND is the use of arm movements in piano playing. I’ll show you how to use the arm to play scales on the piano.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the score with special exercises.

Watch here the Video on how to practice piano scale technique

Video tutorial on fast to rapid scales
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Video Script

You’ll notice, that in playing the scales in the right hand, up is more difficult than down. And in the left hand up is easier and down is more difficult. This has to do with the passing through of the thumb. The passing beneath is more… a little bit more difficult then going over. See! Here going over with going back. And that’s far easier. It’s almost like rolling down like a waterfall…

When we’re going fast with scales. Let’s take G major. The hand goes a little bit to the outside,

the thumb goes underneath, but we’re not going to turn the hand like this anymore. We don’t do this. This we don’t do.

The hand stays in one position. See and when we go more up the right-hand goes more outward. See like this… I’m gonna go more to the middle see how I change the position. It’s a little micro-adjustment. And black keys also need little micro-adjustments. In the… not necessarily in the wrist, just a little bit in the wrist, but also the shape of the hand. So good way to practice with black keys is…

to make this kind of exercises.

To mold your hand around the black key.

You also notice that I raise my fingers. When I want passages be clear, I will raise my fingers I will articulate. My finger prepares for the next one. Opens like an umbrella, my hand. This is a very good way to create good articulation.

And when I practice, I can practice slow. Open the hand and then fast attack of the key.

And speed is more important than power here. And between each note is a little relaxation in the muscles. So you isolate each finger like that. [Music]

Without power, but speed, supple wrist. The wrists are always free and supple.
And… you should feel it in the lower arm.
And then there are two ways I practice myself scales, when I practice them, and that is like this… Let’s take B major!

See, real fingers, active fingers,
No arm yet.

And a little bit faster!

That’s one way. And then I like to practice them light, and from octave to octave.

To speed up, you try to keep synchronised left and right.

When the scales go down,

hand to the outside, as we’ve done before, and the arm in a more up-position. And then like like a bow, like when you’re playing the cello. Almost like that kind of movement.

In another video I will talk about etudes that are
very good for practicing scales. It’s nice to put them into practice.

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Then I’ll recommend checking out my book with exercises: “Super Fingers Essential Piano Technique”.
The link is in the description. So check it out! And see you in the next video!

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  1. Thanks for watching my tutorial about how to play piano scales better and faster. Any thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to share!

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